Monday, 29 August 2016

Climate chaos

Climate change in our garden

Our magnolia tree loses its leaves, goes into bloom and grows new leaves – all during winter

The last three winters in Alicetown have been very warm and I have been keeping a photographic welcome since last winter.

On 13 August, 2015 our magnolia tree was in flower - something that struck me as very strange back then.

And by 20 September there were leaves on the tree.

Fast-forward to winter this year.

On 10 June, well into winter, our magnolia tree still had leaves on it. Usually this would be a picture from autumn.

By 20 July the tree was starting to come into blossom

And these photos were taken today - 29 August (still winter!)

Our magnolia tree is getting its leaves.

So it has gone from finally losing its "autumn' leaves to coming into blossom and then growign leaves - ALL DURING WINTER.

And if you want another example our gladiolus is in flower.

Advice from the internet says that they should be planted in spring so they can come into flow 90-100 days later.

I suspect the overwhelming majority of people who live their lives between the computer and the cafe would even notice. Few would are.

But it starting to be noticed by the few that look around them.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Arctic ice melt and the jetstream

Sam Carana on the Arctic melt

Via Facebook

As the Arctic warms faster than the rest of the world, the temperature difference between the Equator and the Arctic decreases, slowing down the speed at which the Northern Polar Jet Stream circumnavigates Earth, and making it wavier.

As a result, the Jet Stream can extend far over North America and Eurasia, making that cold air is moving out of the Arctic (e.g. deep into Siberia), while warm air moves in (e.g. from the Pacific Ocean). This also makes that the Jet Stream can more easily cross East Siberia and cause stormy weather over the Arctic Ocean.

This is illustrated by this image. The left panel shows the jet stream crossing East Siberia at speeds as high as 277 km/h or 172 mph on August 27, 2016, with cyclonic winds occurring over the Arctic ocean reaching speeds as high as 78 km/h or 48 mph that day.

The right panel shows that, on that day, cold air moved deep into Central Siberia, resulting in temperatures as lows as -15.9°C or 3.5°F in Central Siberia and temperatures that were higher than they used to be over the Arctic Ocean.

With the thicker multi-year sea ice now virtually gone, the remaining sea ice is prone to fracture and to become slushy, which also makes it darker in color and thus prone to absorb more sunlight

If strong winds keep hitting the Arctic Ocean over the next few weeks, this could push much of the sea ice out of the Arctic Ocean, along the edges of Greenland and into the Atlantic Ocean.

As sea ice extent falls, less sunlight gets reflected back into space and is instead absorbed by the Arctic. Furthermore, once the sea ice is gone, ocean heat will no longer be absorbed by melting, which can contribute to a rapid rise in temperature of the water.

Where seas are shallow, a surface temperature rise can quickly warm up water all the way down to the Arctic ocean seafloor, where it can destabilize methane hydrates contained in sediments.

This could make that huge amounts of methane get released from the seafloor. Given that many of the seas in Arctic are very shallow, much of this methane can enter the atmosphere without getting broken down in the water, resulting in huge additional warming, especially over the Arctic.

As discussed in an earlier post, this could contribute to a global temperature rise of over 10°C or 18°F by the year 2026.…/arctic-sea-ice-getting-te…

The situation is dire and calls for comprehensive and effective action, as discussed at the Climate Plan.

From the post 'Storms over Arctic Ocean', at:…/storms-over-arctic-ocean.…

This image shows how little sea ice was left at locations close to the North Pole on August 25, 2016. 

From the post 'Storms over Arctic Ocean', at:

Conditions in the Arctic today

The Kurds fight back against the Turks

Video: Kurds devastate Turkish Army assets in northern Syria

28 August, 2016
Aleppo, Syria (3:43 A.M.) – Footage emerged of the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) targeting a Turkish tank along with a munitions depot belonging to the Turkish-backed jihadists operating northeast Aleppo.
So far, a Turkish soldier was killed while two other were wounded in operations against the SDF. Three Turkish tanks were reportedly destroyed as they aided the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in its operations.
Notably, Turkish-backed forces continued their advance against ISIS capturing half a dozen villages hardly with any clashes as Islamic State militants seem in a mass retreat spree.

Behind the German gov't call tlo stockpile food and water

Czech Government Says "Prepare For The Worst"

Israeli News

Czech News CT24 confirmed the German governments call to stockpile food and water. But the Czech Republic tells its people "Prepare for the worst" . So what is coming that the EU fears?

"Prevent market crash till after the election

Hillary Surrogate Begs Fed to Artificially Prevent Market Crash Until Election
Former Congressman Barney Frank, one of the architects of the failed Dodd-Frank “Wall Street Reform” act” called on the apolitical Federal Reserve to keep interest rates low fearing that if the American economy slipped into recession Hillary may lose.

27 August, 2016

One of the central tenets of the Trump campaign is that the US economy has been artificially inflated due to the Federal Reserve flooding the market with cheap money and that when the central bank eventually reverses its backdoor stimulus policy the reality of the country’s economic woes will come crashing all at once. It appears that is a view shared by Hillary’s top financial expert Barney Frank. 

Frank advised the Federal Reserve Board "not to risk destabilizing the market" and perhaps the broader economy a few weeks before Election Day. "I think it would be a mistake to do this close to the election," Frank told The Hill. "It will be interpreted, over interpreted."  

The problem with historically low interest rates that have yet to creep upwards eight years into the crisis is that it removes the market’s risk control mechanism leading to the inflation of asset bubbles as businesses are always able to cover gaps in their balance sheet with loads of cheap credit. 

It has long been expected that the Federal Reserve would soon move to raise interest rates in order to prevent the development or worsening of such economic bubbles, but many market insiders believed that this would likely not occur until after the election season – the last time such an action was undertaken was under Alan Greenspan in 2000 which led to a softening of the US economy perhaps stripping support from Al Gore. The US economy ultimately entered a recession by March 2001. 

Whereas the interest rate was raised form 4.6% to 6.3% in 2000, the interest rate remains near zero today where it has remained since Jan 2009 – a level that has never before been seen in the United States prior creating concern among many economists that the Obama recovery may have just be a cheap money barrage that will end when the country turns off the (metaphorical) printing press. 

A candidate from the incumbent political party has only won an election once when the economy had entered the first leg of a recession – that candidate was war hero Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956. 

The Hill surmises that a rate hike may indeed be a death knell for Hillary’s candidacy saying "It is generally thought that a rate hike before the election could be risky for Clinton, who is seeking a third term for Democrats in the White House. A rate hike could make it more expensive to borrow money and could slow the economy and cause stocks to all."

Here's the original item

Barney Frank to Fed: Don’t raise rates before election

World War 111- 08/27/2016

Syria Violence to increase: Peace talks fail as situation deteriorates

op-ed by Joaquin Flores

27 August, 2016
Ceasefire talks between the US and Russia over the war in Syria have broken down, with each side simply reaffirming their unmoved position on the conflict. This is likely to be an actual reflection of the 'stalemate' or 'war of attrition' (if one prefers) at Aleppo. 
Fort Russ ran an article today, titled "Russia and US fail to agree on Syria and Ukraine".
But this was originally titled "Russia and the United States completed the latest round of negotiations on the Syrian settlement" by RIA, a title which tells us very little about the substance of the actual situation. 
The RIA piece, mirrored in shortened form by both RT and Sputnik, also failed to give a clear picture of the nature of these talks, reducing coverage to merely quoting the highly diplomatic language of Kerry and Lavrov. A sober reading between the lines of the somewhat detailed report on the talks provided by the RIA version, which we translated for the readers, will leave no uncertainty that no agreement has been reached. 
Western press was more clear in communicating the reality of the situation. CNN failed to even bother covering this breakdown of talks at all, while the New York Times opted instead to run a piece by Max Fisher. This piece, while loaded with the standard western media disinformation talking points, at least clearly communicates the US's actual position: "Syria’s Paradox: Why the War Only Ever Seems to Get Worse".
Essentially the US and Russia 'agree to disagree' and pursue their own separate courses on Syria. 'Remaining technical problems' is a Russian semi-euphemism for 'all problems remain'. The abstract language of diplomacy can unfortunately disguise a few important things which ought to be said which would more clearly summarize this meeting. 
There are no conceptual problems - both parties know what the score is. The US has communicated its right to violate Syrian airspace, and Russia has communicated its right to operate legally in Syrian airspace. This is part of the 'technical problem'. This will lead to collisions and an increase in bellicosity.

This is cause for great concern. Events are moving at a rapid pace, the fog of war is thick, and even the best geostrategic analysts fail to find consensus on the meaning and consequences of the Turkish moves in northern Syria, ostensibly against PKK linked YPG separatists.
Ultimately the US and Russia cannot agree on much, things which are cited in the RIA article as areas of agreement are simply recognizing their respective positions. They 'agree' that they have their own interests that aren't aligned. This is all that is misleadingly being reported even in 'Russian media' as reducing 'areas of misunderstanding'. 
The only 'concrete steps' they have agreed to is that there will be a follow up meeting between their subordinates to resolve 'technical questions' among 'experts'. 
The correct interpretation of diplomatic signals in  international relations leads us towards a pessimistic view of the possibilities moving forward. An agreement or meeting between Obama and Putin would be a symptom of a positive development. 

But the devolving of the talks to the subordinates of Lavrov and Kerry is a negative development, and this is what has happened. That is the only 'concrete step' that has been agreed to, and the baseless tone of optimism being promoted in official Russian media spheres clearly fails to communicate the gravity of the failure of these talks, to their audience. The situation in fact promises to deteriorate. 
The US is trying to increase the number of groups that are included in the ceasefire, and Russia is showing its intel, that 'it knows' that these groups are under the (formerly) Jabbat al-Nusra organization, regardless of names. These are semi-veiled warnings, communicating in diplomatic language, that Russia will continue to target all of these groups it considers terrorists, regardless of what banner they operate under. 
There is no ceasefire on the horizon. Russia entered initially believing there could be grounds for a type of 'weekly 48 hour' rolling ceasefire, to alleviate the humanitarian situation in Aleppo, but the Aleppo situation has not improved substantively, nor was the 'Iranian air base' issue ultimately significant. 
With Ukraine, Russia recognizes the the US 'has an interest' which is an intentionally vague diplomatic phrasing, and the height of obviousness. We should expect a continued increase in bellicosity as the US enters its presidential elections.

A 'ceasefire' was not even technically how to define what could be achieved in the best possible outcome of these now failed talks. A ceasefire historically is a cessation of hostilities as parties move towards a political resolution of a conflict. But this term has become abused in recent years, referring to any temporary cessation or even relative decrease of live fighting which is in fact a pretext for something else. 'Ceasefire' in modern parlance refers only to some recognition of a stalemate on the one hand, while such 'ceasefires' are more like the rules of 'downs' in US football matches, where each side rearms, rechecks the playbook, resupplies, and reassesses the situation at the line of scrimmage. That attempts even to conduct this type of 'newly defined' ceasefire have totally failed, indeed bodes poorly. 
Concretely, and what was missing from Russian media reporting, are details about the proposals themselves.

What is missing from the official Russian media reporting is that Russia proposed a weekly 48 hour ceasefire, starting with a single 48 hour ceasefire. Russia insisted on tight controls, under agreed mechanisms of UN oversight, which would prohibit the US, its GCC allies, and perhaps Turkey from funneling in equipment and supplies for combat units.

Under the umbrella of 'critical infrastructure', the US had hoped to use a ceasefire pretext to funnel in, at the very least, dual use parts: parts which could be used to repair artillery equipment and related military pieces, which are being stripped from existing plumbing and electrical infrastructure.

Russia opposed proposals of these types in the now failed talks, instead proposing that the SAA held Castello Road could be used, under UN, Russian, and SAA supervision, to get actual humanitarian supplies into the city.

Problematically of course is that food and humanitarian supplies, medical supplies, etc., are needed as much by terrorist outfits than they are by any remaining civilians who were either held hostage, unlucky, or foolish to remain in the besieged parts of foreign occupied Aleppo.

The other practical problem is political - western and GCC backed armed groups would be - under the US proposal - in the position to ration out any excess (once terrorist needs are met) needed supplies to the residents of occupied Aleppo. But this reinforces the Stockholm syndrome presently in effect.

The best way to understand the outcome of the Geneva talks at the President Woodrow Wilson Hotel, between Lavrov and Kerry which concluded on August 26th, is a failure to arrive at any agreement. The situation will undoubtedly deteriorate further. 

I don't disregard this guy at all. His sources seem quite good

Russian High Command Moves To Bunkers

From yesterday

Long Columns of US Army M1A2 Abrams tanks in Germany

The inspection will allow to assess how three military districts would react to crises in the Russian southwest. MOSCOW (Sputnik) 

Snap combat readiness checks will take place on August 25-31 in Russia's Southern, Western and Central military districts, as well as the Northern Fleet, Aerospace Forces and Airborne Troops, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Thursday.

Russia redeploys, readies S-300's and S-400's near Ukrainian border

August 27, 2016 -

Testing of the combat readiness of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has continued with the redeployment of radar stations and S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems in the Southern Military District to new locations. This was reported by RIA Novosti on August 27th with references to the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian defense ministry.

The testing of radar stations and S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems upon arrival at new positions has commenced the deployment and technical maintenance of equipment to be put in a state of combat duty,” the source reports. 

President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine has not been in contact with the head of the Russian government Vladimir Putin since August 7th, when an attempted attack was thwarted in the Crimea, said the Ukrainian president's administration.

"After the Russian government's baseless accusations against Ukraine of conducting sabotage operations in the occupied Crimea, official conversations between the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin have not happened. Following with the August 7th, 2016 incident, there has been no official contacts between the administrations of the presidents of Ukraine and Russia " says the "Apostrophe" (newspaper), according to a statement of the presidential administration of Ukraine.

On August 11th, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to initiate a conversation with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Recall President Putin, speaking of the Russian FSB forces who prevented terrorist attacks in the Crimea, declared that the "Normandy format" in such conditions makes no sense.

According to the newspaper VIEW, discussing Ukraine's fate for the umpteenth time will now happen without the participation of Ukraine. The heads of Russia, France and Germany, as it became known on Tuesday the 23rd, agreed to meet and discuss the situation in Ukraine with each other, without Poroshenko. It is noteworthy that at the same time that Kiev suddenly made it clear that it was ready for an agreement on the cultivation of the warring parties in the Donbass.

Recall also, on August 10th, the Russian Federal Security Service prevented two attempts by subversive and terrorist groups to break into the Crimea, organized by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. This attempt to break in was also to conduct a false flag with a massive bombardment from the neighboring state onto armored vehicles of the armed forces of Ukraine. As a result, the Russian FSB officer died and one military member. All saboteurs were detained and gave a confession.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko refused to take responsibility for captured terrorists in Crimea.

The Pentagon appears to have been caught flatfooted by the revolutionary development of the Russian hypersonic weapons industry and is now exploring major upgrades to missile defense systems before it’s too late. 

Earlier this week Russian defense industry officials revealed plans to deploy a revolutionary hypersonic maneuvering strike missile by 2020 leaving Washington scrambling to come up with a new missile defense shield capable of shooting down the elite weapon.

 Lockheed Martin missile defense experts believe that the Pentagon is exploring ways to shoot down the maneuvering hypersonic missiles with options including a modified extended-range version of the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense, called THAAD-ER, as well as high-powered lasers capable of shooting down missiles before they reach hypersonic speeds. 

Last week, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) began the bidding discovery process for a system capable of intercepting hundreds of small drone-like systems as well as conventional missile systems that led defense industry analysts to wonder whether the US military was looking for a sophisticated multi-level laser system not only to tackle the proliferation of small drones but also potentially to counter Russia’s hypersonic weapons renaissance. 

The United States is also said to be developing hypersonic missiles and space vehicles as well, but defense industry insiders say that these efforts to counter Russia’s growing military superiority may never get off the ground due to a lack of program funding. 

"Comparable US programs are being funded at low levels and may never actually be deployed," said former Pentagon strategic policymaker Mark Schneider who added that unlike Russia’s hypersonic missiles, US systems "will certainly not be nuclear capable under current policy." 

Boris Obnosov, director of the state-run Tactical Missiles Corporation has high hopes for Russia’s next-generation hypersonic weaponry saying "It’s obvious that with such speeds – when missiles will be capable of flying through the atmosphere at speeds of seven to 12 times the speed of sound, all [air] defense systems will be weakened considerably." US Navy Admiral Cecil Haney, commander of US Strategic Command, agrees with Obnosov’s assessment warning last week that "Hyper-glide vehicle technology can complicate our sensing and our defensive approaches." '

 Obnosov believes that the development of the hypersonic weapons industry in Russia will not only serve to advance the Kremlin’s military imperative, but may become the backbone of the country’s economy. "The development of hypersonic technology can be a catalyst for development of the entire industry, the entire national economy as they used to say," said Obnosov comparing the development of hypersonics to the launching of the first satellite – Sputnik I.

By sacrificing its Kurdish allies in northern Syria, Washington wants to mend relations with Ankara and prevent Turkey from strengthening its ties with Moscow, thus far killing two birds with one stone, expert on Middle Eastern affairs Jean Perier believes.

Washington's Kurdish allies in Syria have become the US' bargaining chip in negotiations with Ankara, according to Jean Perier, an independent researcher and expert on Middle Eastern affairs.

"By throwing the Kurds under the bus, the White House has not only solved the problem of mending its relations with Turkey by preventing Ankara from strengthening its ties of friendship with Moscow. I

t has also significantly reduced the intensity of Ankara's demands to extradite the self-exiled cleric Muhammed Fethullah G├╝len by making this matter a purely legal question and thus facilitating Joe Biden's mission in Turkey," Perier writes in his article for New Eastern Outlook. 

Turkey could not have started a military operation in the Syrian city of Jarablus without Russia’s consent, a Turkish political journalist told Sputnik.

After normalization with Moscow, Ankara has started to change its stance towards Syrian President Bashar Assad. As a result, Turkey can now intensify its activities in Syria, said Serkan Demirtas, political observer of the Turkish newspaper Hurryiet Daily News....[ }

Hillary Clinton declares war on Breitbart - and Alex Jones

In which Killary Clinton lies about Alex Jones and,in his turn, Alex Jones also tells some porkies.
Hillary Clinton Enters The Media Wars

26 August, 2016

Earlier this week, I published a post titled Questioning Hillary’s Health is Not Conspiracy Theory, in which I wrote:
As I look at the landscape in 2016 to-date, I observe emergent signs that alternative media is finally beginning to take over from the legacy mainstream media when it comes to impact and influence. The mainstream media (unlike with John McCain in 2008), had decided that Hillary Clinton’s health was not an issue and chose not to pursue it. Many in the alternative media world took a different position, and due to mainstream media’s failure to inform the American public for decades, the alternative media drove that issue to the top of the news cycle. That’s power.
This is an incredibly big deal, and the mainstream media intuitively knows what it means. It means a total loss of legitimately, prestige and power. All of which is well deserved of course.
So here’s the bottom line. 2016 represents the true beginning of what I would call the Media Wars. Alternative media is now capable of driving the news cycle. Mainstream media now has no choice but to fight back, and fight back it will. It will fight back dirty. This is going to get very ugly, but by the time the dust has settled, I think much of the mainstream media will be left as a shell of its former self.

When I wrote the above, I had no idea that two days later Hillary Clinton would deliver a speech in Nevada specifically targeting a nebulous movement referred to as the “alt-right,” as well as several of the prominent websites associated with it. Never in a million years did I think Hillary herself would so publicly enter the Media Wars.

The speech itself was pretty bizarre. Although I found her effective on several fronts, I believe it will ultimately backfire by providing free publicity and fame to many of those she intended to demonize. Precisely because she is so polarizing, Clinton can only make an opposing movement far stronger by engaging in direct attacks on them. Since she is incapable of being a unifying figure for this country, so the moment she calls out a group as her enemy, many people on the sidelines will suddenly say, well maybe they’re not so bad.

The whole thing reminded me of something I wrote in last week’s post, Election 2016 – Why Defeating Trump Won’t Make Trump Go Away:
Hillary Clinton and her supporters are making the case that Donald Trump in 2016 represents some sort of Hitlerian existential threat that must be defeated at all costs. They are desperately trying to sell to the public the notion that all concerns about her incredibly shady past can and should be set aside for the time being because keeping Trump out of the White House takes precedence over everything else. Of course, such an argument is easily dismissed by anyone who is aware enough to understand that Trump (like Sanders) merely serves as a vehicle for justified anger percolating across the land, and that defeating him as an individual accomplishes absolutely nothing in the long-term.
Indeed, a Donald Trump loss is likely to fan the flames of populist angst further, particularly if Hillary Clinton continues along with status quo business as usual as if nothing ever happened, which she undoubtably will. Ironically, many of these delusional “lesser of two evils” Hillary supporters may be unpleasantly surprised to discover that media mogul Trump could even more formidable (and dangerous) than President Trump. Which is precisely why merely fighting against symptoms of a rigged and unethical system solves absolutely nothing, and ultimately makes the underlying problem worse.
The bottom line. It doesn’t matter what happens in this election, Trump isn’t going anywhere because his supporters aren’t going anywhere.

The other problem with the speech were its laughable and obvious contradictions. For example, she starts off by saying the Trump campaign peddles in conspiracy theories found in the “far dark reaches of the internet.” She goes on to name a few of these “dark reach” sites, spending a lot of time on Infowars and Breitbart

This is where things start to come unglued. If these sites are comparable to supermarket tabloids (as she claimed), why craft an entire speech around targeting them? Why would you spend so much energy on crazy fringe sites? The reason is because they aren’t fringe, and as such, she’s decided to personally engage in the burgeoning Media Wars.

As I discussed in my post from a couple of days ago, New York Timescolumnist Farah Manjoo recently whined on Twitter about how Infowars was appearing at the top of Google search for Hillary health queries. He publicly called for Google to “fix” the problem. That was Tuesday. Two days later the frontrunner for the Presidency of these United States also attacks Infowars. Something big and unprecedented is going on here.

Moreover, after her tirade against Alex Jones and Infowars, Hillary proceed to not just go after Breitbart, but she actually read multiple headlines from the website. 

Again, if these sites are so fringe, why obsess over them to such an extent? It’s because alternative media is now driving the news cycle and this is extraordinarily dangerous to status quo influence and power. This is simply a fact, whether you like Breitbart or Infowars or not.

But that’s just one bizarre aspect of the speech. What was even more revealing were her shamelessly misleading and contradictory comments on several topics. For one, she talked about how Trump would want foreign travels to the U.S. be subject to screening based on their religion. She then goes on to state how the only other country or group in the world that does this is ISIS. Unfortunately for her, this isn’t exactly true. As Michael Tracey points out:

Of course, we all know why the omission. It’s because the Saudis havegiven between $10-$25 million to the money-laundering charity fraud known as the Clinton Foundation.

Moving along, toward the end of the speech Hillary quotes a Mexican proverb. She said: “Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are.” To which Max Abrams poignantly replies:

All of this perfectly highlights the unmistakeable fatal flaw with Hillary Clinton as a candidate. She is so compromised, so shady and so corrupt, that she can’t successfully take the moral high ground even against someone like Trump.

All of that aside, she could have probably spun this speech in an effective manner if she hadn’t made one really stupid and very revealing mistake. Despite the crux of her speech being that Donald Trump is a racist who peddles in conspiracy theories, she launched into one of the most absurd conspiracy theories of all when she blamed Russia’s Vladimir Putin for the rise of the “alt-right” and global nationalism. Indeed, she actually called him the grand-godfather of it. Whatever the heck that means.
The de facto merger between Breitbart and the Trump Campaign represents a landmark achievement for the “Alt-Right.” A fringe element that has effectively taken over the Republican Party.
This is part of a broader story — the rising tide of hardline, right-wing nationalism around the world.
Just yesterday, one of Britain’s most prominent right-wing leaders, Nigel Farage, who stoked anti-immigrant sentiments to win the referendum to have Britain leave the European Union, campaigned with Donald Trump in Mississippi.
Farage has called for a bar on the children of legal immigrants from public schools and health services, has said women are and I quote “worth less” than men, and supports scrapping laws that prevent employers from discriminating based on race — that’s who Donald Trump wants by his side when he is addressing an audience of American voters.
And the grand-godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This is from someone who just spent 20 minutes bashing Trump and his hordes of conspiracy theorists. Very bizarre.

Finally, I thought her concluding statement was quite telling. She states:
We want to build an America where everyone has a place. Where if you work hard and your do your part you can get ahead and stay ahead. That’s the basic bargain of America. 

Here she seems to be implying that this basic bargain has been broken. That working hard is no longer enough and people are falling behind in droves. I agree, but why is that? Why have things not improved under Obama, and how is Hillary, who wants to carry on with Obama’s policies possibly going to restore this bargain?

She won’t, which is precisely why Trump and Sanders both created movements over the past year and a half. Hillary Clinton is not someone who can unite the country and she’s not someone who can fix our problems. It’s preposterous to think the consummate status quo insider, a war hawk who will undoubtably lead the nation into WW3 can heal this country’s wounds.
It’s not that I think Donald Trump can, it’s just that I know Hillary Clinton won’t.
In Liberty,

Michael Krieger

Hillary Clinton declares war on Infowars. Alex Jones fires back with devastating Hillary video

27 August, 2016

Alex Jones warns Hillary Clinton, "You're a liar, you're a fraud, you're a hypocrite. And you sold out to foreign interests Hillary Clinton"
Hillary Clinton fired the first shots, saying that Alex Jones claimed ‘no children’ died at Sandy Hook…even going off teleprompter script to lament that Alex Jones has a “black heart.”

Alex Jones fired back at Hillary, and absolutely crushes HRC in an epic video retaliation…connecting Hillary to Libya war crimes, Saudi Arabia 9-11 attacks, KKK collaboration, and even pulling up a video archive where Hillary advocates building a wall to keep Mexican immigrants out of the United States.

Alex Jones ends his reply saying,

I know who you are.

know the Klan financed you’re first campaigns, from the people that were there. I know who you are, and as an American and as a patriot, I am not scared of you bully.”The Clinton campaign is in a tailspin. Going after Infowars in a campaign speech is getting pretty desperate.

Playing the race card is also a clear sign that Clinton is loosing the narrative, falling back on the standard liberal “you’re a racist” argument, in an effort to deflect attention away from a constant barrage of email scandals and corruption pouring over HRC like never ending waves.

Alex Jones lies

Mike Ruppert said about Alex Jones - 80 % facts and 20 % disinformation. It's the disinformation that's important.

"I've never said any of those things", he says.

About Sandy Hook - yes you have Mr Jones. You too are a  liar.

If you need it full-on, in the face, there is this.